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The goal of TileRacer is to connect the two yellow jellies on the border with a yellow path. You move tiles around by sliding them into the empty space.  It's like those little tile puzzles taken to a whole new level.

Single player view of board

Scoring is by time and the number of moves you make while completing your path. A combined score balances time and efficiency. A separate high score is kept for time, moves, and combined score for each board.

There are several boards for you to choose from. The 5 x 5 board is perhaps the classic, but the 3 x 3 is very challenging in an odd way. The 11 x 11 board is just crazy if you don't have a tablet device, but if you do it will test your pointing skills.

View of home screen

There are two ways to share the fun with your friends. You can either take turns passing your device (phone or tablet) around, or you can both play on the same device at the same time. This works really well on tablets, but is workable on larger phones like the DROID.

View of choosing the number of players

View of two players sharing the same device.

View of four players sharing the same device.

Press the menu key on your phone to access the record book (high-scores), turn sounds on and off, and to get back to the About screen.