QR Codes

For easy downloading, here are QR Codes to all our products in the Android Market.  To use a QR code simply start a bar-code scanning app on your phone (such Barcode Scanner) and point you phone's camera at the area of this screen containing the QR code you want to get.  Shortly your phone should beep to let you know it has scanned the QR code.  Press the button in your scanning app that says something like "Open in Browser," and you should get launched directly to the Android Market page for the app.

If you have any trouble scanning these codes or using the scanning app, remember you can always just search the market for a product by name or find all our products by searching for HolyHog.  We're the only HolyHog there is!


TileRacer QR Code

TileRacer Free

TileRacer Free QR Code

Snow Dragon

Snow Dragon QR Code

Contact Remover

Contact Remover QR Code