Contact Remover

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Contact Remover is a small utility to remove large numbers of contacts from your contacts list.  It is intended for those situations where your contacts list gets all messed up because you sync with gmail or another provider that dumps lots of junk contacts onto your phone.

The process is straightforward.  You simply run Contact Remover, select those contacts you want to remove and press the Delete button.  There's a Select All button if you just want to completely clean house.  You can also search to create a subset of contacts to delete.  Enter search text, press the search button, then either manually select the contacts to delete, or choose Select All.  When a search has been done, Select All selects all found contacts.

Contact remover main screen

Since you may be deleting a lot of contacts, the program provides a progress dialog to let you know how it is doing.

Progress window


Contact Remover does not delete contacts from some sources.  Specifically, there have been reports that it won't remove Facebook contacts.  Supporting this is on the TO DO list.

Also, there have been many requests for additional features.  We keep a list of these and will work on them when we can.  At this point, Contact Remover is a non-revenue project.