Contact Remover Plus

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Contact Remover Plus is a powerful utility for cleaning up and organizing your Android phone contacts. It is based on the very popular Contact Remover application that has been used by tens of thousands of people since its introduction in early 2010.

Can't find your menu button? As the Android system has changed over the years and new devices have been introduced by manufacturers and carriers, the location of the menu button has migrated from a physical button on the phone to more subtle locations. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy 5S phone, there's a trick to accessing the menu button. Read the article here to learn more. On other phones the menu button is usually now represented by three small squares stacked on top of each other. See the lower right corner of this screen shot to see an example:

Standard Features

Select one, many or all contacts then delete them with the touch of a button. Contact Remover Plus quickly removes huge numbers of contacts. Users have reported deleting thousands of contacts.
Touch a contact's name to display all the details of the contact or to edit the contact's details. This feature makes reviewing and clean up contacts a snap since you can see the details of each contact before you open it for editing.
Filter your contact list by any search string. Use this to help you choose which contacts to delete, move, copy or merge.
Filter contacts by account with the account selector:
Move contacts from one account to another. You might use this if you change your GMail account, want to move some business contacts into your personal address book, or want to move all your phone of SIM contacts into your GMail account.
Copy contacts from one account to another. Use this in all the same situations as you would the move function when you also want to leave the original contact where it was.
The merge functions makes it easy to combine different contacts into one. The interface is intuitive and clear. Just select the contacts to merge, then choose how you want them merged and press the merge button:
Contact Remover Plus includes a comprehensive help system that explains how each function works so you can be confident that you know what you're doing. Plus it contains an informative discussion on how Android contacts are stored on your phone.