Privacy Policy HolyHog Software, LLC

Because Contact Remover and Contact Remover Plus access your phone's contact database, Google insists that we have a privacy policy posted on this site, so here it is:

Neither Contact Remover nor Contact Remover Plus store or transmit your contact information beyond your phone. HolyHog Software, LLC does not store, collect, distribute, fold, spindle or mutilate your contact information. If you don't want us to distribute your personal information do nothing because we don't have it and can't distribute what we don't have. We can't sell or give away what we don't have. We can't use what we don't have for marketting purposes or to improve our business model or gather statistics or any data big or small. In short, we don't want your data. If you want to send us your data by email, fax, carrier pigeon or humpback whale, feel free (though getting humpback whales into Iowa is a challenge). We won't do anything with it other than throw it in the trash unless you're sending it to us to help resolve a problem, in which case we'll try to solve the problem and then throw it in the trash. Since we don't keep you data we don't have to worry about protecting your data from hackers or other subhuman life forms. Hopefully this is perfectly clear to even the thickest lawyer out there. Have a nice day, enjoy using our apps, and be happy in the assurance that we just don't care that much about the details of your private life.