Spending Cuts

  1. Introduce Minimum Out-of-Pocket Requirements Under TRICARE For Life
  2. Transfer the Tennessee Valley Authority's Electric Utility Functions and Associated Assets and Liabilities
  3. Reduce the Size of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
  4. Prohibit New Enrollment in the Conservation Stewardship Program
  5. Limit Enrollment in the Conservation Reserve Program
  6. Reduce the Premium Subsidy in the Crop Insurance Program
  7. Reduce by 20 Percentage Points the Share of a Farmer's Base Acreage Eligible for USDA Payments
  8. Lower the Loan Limits on Mortgages Guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  9. Increase Guarantee Fees Charged by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  10. Eliminate Subsidized Loans to Graduate Students
  11. Change the Interest Rate Structure for Student Loans
  12. Add a "Public Plan" to the Health Insurance Exchanges
  13. Limit Medical Malpractice Torts
  14. Adopt a Voucher Plan and Slow the Growth of Federal Contributions for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
  15. Convert the Federal Share of Medicaid's Payments for Long-Term Care Services into a Block Grant
  16. Reduce the Floor on Federal Matching Rates for Medicaid Services
  17. Consolidate and Reduce Federal Payments for Graduate Medical Education Costs at Teaching Hospitals
  18. Raise the Age of Eligibility for Medicare to 67
  19. Impose Cost Sharing for the First 20 Days of a Stay in a Skilled Nursing Facility Under Medicare
  20. Require a Copayment for Home Health Episodes Covered by Medicare
  21. Reduce Medicare Costs by Changing the Cost-Sharing Structures for Medicare and Medigap Insurance
  22. Increase the Basic Premium for Medicare Part B to 35 Percent of the Program's Costs
  23. Reduce Medicare's Payment Rates Across the Board in High-Spending Areas
  24. Eliminate the Critical Access Hospital, Medicare-Dependent Hospital, and Sole Community Hospital Programs in Medicare
  25. Require Manufacturers to Pay a Minimum Rebate on Drugs Covered Under Medicare Part D for Low-Income Beneficiaries
  26. Base Cost-of-Living Adjustments for Federal Civilian and Military Pensions and Veterans' Benefits on an Alternative Measure of Inflation
  27. Base Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustments on an Alternative Measure of Inflation
  28. Link Initial Social Security Benefits to Average Prices Instead of Average Earnings
  29. Raise the Earliest Eligibility Age for Social Security
  30. Raise the Full Retirement Age in Social Security
  31. Lengthen by Three Years the Computation Period for Social Security Benefits
  32. Apply the Social Security Benefit Formula to Individual Years of Earnings
  33. Reduce the Growth in Appropriations for the Department of Defense
  34. Cap Increases in Military Basic Pay
  35. Increase Medical Cost Sharing for Military Retirees Who Are Not Yet Eligible for Medicare
  36. Limit the TRICARE Benefit for Military Retirees and Their Dependents
  37. Increase Cost Sharing for Pharmaceuticals Under TRICARE
  38. Consolidate the Department of Defense's Retail Activities and Provide a Grocery Allowance to Service Members
  39. Replace the Joint Strike Fighter Program with F-16s and F/A-18s
  40. Cancel the Navy and Marine Corps' Joint Strike Fighters and Replace Those Aircraft with F/A-18E/Fs
  41. Cut the Number of Aircraft Carriers to 10 and the Number of Navy Air Wings to 9
  42. Cancel the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle
  43. Delay Fielding of the Army's Ground Combat Vehicle
  44. Terminate the Medium Extended Air Defense System Program
  45. Terminate the Precision Tracking Space System Program
  46. Reduce Growth in Appropriations for Agencies Other Than the Department of Defense
  47. Eliminate the Department of Energy's Grants to States for Energy Conservation and Weatherization
  48. Reduce Department of Energy Funding for Energy Technology Development
  49. Eliminate Federal Grants for Wastewater and Drinking Water Infrastructure
  50. Increase Fees for Use of the Inland Waterway System
  51. Eliminate the International Trade Administration's Trade Promotion Activities or Charge the Beneficiaries
  52. Limit Highway Funding to Expected Highway Revenues
  53. Eliminate Grants to Large and Medium-Sized Hub Airports
  54. Increase Fees for Aviation Security
  55. Eliminate Intercity Rail Subsidies
  56. Eliminate the Transit Starts Programs
  57. Create State Revolving Funds to Finance Rural Water and Waste Disposal
  58. Drop Wealthier Communities from the Community Development Block Grant Program
  59. Eliminate Certain Grant Programs for Elementary and Secondary Education
  60. Restrict Pell Grants to the Neediest Students
  61. Eliminate Funding for National Community Service Programs
  62. Eliminate the Senior Community Service Employment Program
  63. Reduce Funding for the Arts and Humanities
  64. Finance the Food Safety and Inspection Service Through Fees
  65. Reduce or Constrain Funding for the National Institutes of Health
  66. Increase Payments by Tenants in Federally Assisted Housing
  67. End Enrollment in VA Medical Care for Veterans in Priority Groups 7 and 8
  68. Reduce Funding for Certain Department of Justice Grants
  69. Reduce the Across-the-Board Adjustment for Federal Civilian Employees' Pay
  70. Impose Fees to Cover the Cost of Government Regulation and Charge for Services Provided to the Private Sector