Source of Information

All the information presented in this app comes from a single Congressional Budget Office document called Reducing the Deficit: Spending and Revenue Options. We have made reasonable efforts to make sure that the numbers have been transcribed correctly, but given the manual nature of the process it is almost innevitable that some errors will have crept in. Please report any errors you find to and we will fix them promptly.

Purpose of the App

We wrote this app as a "blitz" project after getting upset by the generally mindless nature of the debate on our current budget deficit situation. The point of the app is to help citizens understand how complex and difficult the choices are, and to let you experiment with what you think are appropriate compromises to reduce spending and/or increase revenue. We have no other agenda that that.

What to do with this information

If you come up with a solution to the deficit that you want to share then use Menu -> Share to email it to yourself or friends, or send your solution to your elected representatives