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We have four Android applications currently available:

Deficit Hawk Try your hand as fixing the US National budget deficit! It's harder than you think.

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Contact Remover Plus is the powerful and easy to use upgrade to the popular Contact Remover app. This app lets you select contacts by account (including phone and SIM accounts!), move, copy, merge and edit contacts quickly and easily. Oh, yeah, it still lets you delete contacts as easily as ever!

"OMG. This literally saved my life. I had 4000+ contacts, of which about 3000 were duplicates. This fixed it automatically in about 5 min. Thank you!!!" - bjmarler

"Excellent utility to clean up multiple contact accounts! Responsive developer." - Fporter

"This app is simply awesome! Saved me so much time and effort, definitely worth more than this price to me." - Mangler

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Over 100,000 users have found Contact Remover helpful in scrubbing their contact lists. Like the name says, it's all about removing contacts. Remove one, many or all with the touch of a button.

"So easy, so fast, absolutely what I needed to save the tedious one by one. THANK YOU!" - Auntie Donna

"OMG! It works! thank you so much. You saved my day... was getting very frustrated already!" - Karina

Free download from the Android Market, Amazon App Store or this site


TileRacer is an exciting game for all ages! Slide tiles around to complete a path as fast as you can. Compete against yourself, your friends, or the whole world.

"Really fun game, love that you can play with another person!" - Eliasia

"A great twist on tile puzzles! Instead of finding the one right answer, you can create any path from A to B. Clever and addictive!" - dang

Download the ad-free version from the Android Market or Amazon App Store

Download the free version from the Android Market, Amazon App Store or this site.

Snow Dragon is a fascinating adventure into the world of fractal geometry. Create amazing patters of subtle beauty and elegance.

"Very nicely done! Creative twists on fractal factories... Will keep you engaged." - Robert

Free download from the Android Market, Amazon App Store or this site.